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We aim to be effective link between NRGs of South Gujarat and people of Gujarat. We aim to realize this noble goal by providing credible and safe information, assistance, liaising and representation to government.Our activities and services are as below.

Informational and Assistance

Accommodation and travel Assistance in Gujarat. Provide Travel road map for Safe travel and stay in Gujarat.
Assistance in Medical tourism and treatment in south Gujarat
Guidance for Education in south Gujarat
Expert’s guidance for Business opportunity in south Gujarat
Assistance in Investment - Real estate & Equity market.
Legal Aid
NRG Directory

Gujarat card

To accept applications for the Gujarat Card which is issued by Government of Gujarat. Gujarat Card is specially designed by Government of Gujarat with an intention of providing benefits to NRGs in regard to shopping, travelling, hotel accommodation, and medical facilities etc.

Representation of NRG issues to Government of Gujarat

We accept and collect issues and concerns of NRG community worldwide through NRG events, meets, and website at the same time we represent them to government of Gujarat. This helps government in formulating NRG friendly policies.

Lectures, Seminars and Webinars for NRG.

Time to time we organize lectures and seminars by industry expert for NRG’s. we also organize lectures by prominent NRG’s .